Anatomical Board/Body donation to medical science

The donation of the human body to medical science will make a significant contribution by allowing health care professionals to gain a better understanding of the normal and the diseased states of the human body.

There are certain restrictions placed on the donation requirements.  After the body is used for this vital research it is then cremated and the cremated remains are made available to the family.  The average timeline is approximately two years.


Funeral Home Cost for this service is $1137.00.. the Anatomical Board provides $650.00 to offset the cost leaving a balance of $487.00.. There is a slight additional charge if the transfer to the funeral home is outside of 15 miles ($2.00 per mile).. It is possible to have full funeral services and calling hours at our funeral home prior to transportation to the Anatomical Board.. add $550.00 for these services bringing the cost to $1687.00 (less $650.00 bringing the total to an estimated amount of $1037.00).. other charges may apply as requested by the family and no services will be performed without the family receiving detailed expenses in writing and agreeing to the services to be performed.