Burial Vaults

What is a Burial Vault and why to I need it?

This is a very good question, and one easily answered.  The burial vault is a container, most often made of concrete which houses the casket in a grave space for in ground burial.  Mausoleums, which have become popular, are for above ground burial.  Another term heard often is, "Lawn Crypt" which is really the same thing as a burial vault, but can be two layers deep and is often elevated.  

When families have had a difficult time understanding the use of the vault I will typically explain to them that the casket protects the body, and vault protects the casket.  The laws of the land do not require a vault, but the cemetery does.  The reason for that is that when the casket is placed in the ground, there is dirt placed on top which can be very heavy.  In addition, the grounds maintenance at the cemetery will drive mowing equipment over the grave space, and the combination of the two could cause the casket to collapse.  So for the protection of the cemetery, they require the vault.  

The standard vault is a concrete reinforced box.  After the service, the casket it lowered into the vault and then the vault lid is placed on the top of the vault base; earth is then placed on top of the vault lid.  Vault manufacturers have upgraded some vaults with painted sides, and plastic and metal inner linings while putting a mastic around the lip of the vault lid with the attempt of creating a seal to prevent water from entering the vault.  No one is permitted to make claim that this does, in fact, create a seal and that water is not able to get inside.  AS a funeral home and a funeral director, we also can not make such a claim.  Once again it is left up to the judgement of the family and their wishes.

Burial Vault Prices:

Aegean Stainless Steel/Triple-lined Concrete/Stainless Steel liner in base and in the lid.  Polystyrene with Stainless Steel Cap


Oxford Polystyrene single lined concrete vault with painted exterior


Concrete grave liner