General Price Sheet

When you contact Catholic Funeral Care, LLC you will be speaking with the owner, Pete Grasso, or one of our experienced Florida Licensed Funeral Directors.  We are family owned and operated and our thinking is just like yours. When we access the internet, we are interested in only one thing: I want to get the information I came here for!!! You are not being tracked. No one will call you unless you contact us first and request a return phone call. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision which sometimes in the worst of conditions. We establish trust with you from the very beginning and maintain the trust throughout. If the information is not clear, call us. We will share our years of experience with you to help you making your decisions on funeral, cremation, or memorial service arrangements. You are never under any obligation. We simply treat people the way we wish to be treated. 

General Price List:

The goods and services listed on the General Price List are effective February 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

The goods and services shown are those which are available to the client families we serve. As our valued client, you may choose only those items which meet your needs. All of the funeral services selected must include the basic service charges which will reflect the cost of providing services, and transportation of the body to the funeral home. If the law requires you to purchase certain items, then this will be explained to you in writing and found on the statement of goods and services. For the convenience to our families, please click on the burial or cremation packages under Price Packages on this website to see available service options.   

Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff $1695.00

Fee is based on the operational cost of the arrangement conference, coordination of details for the final disposition of the deceased; preparing and filling of the death certificate, other forms and permits as required by law.

Coordination of Services with third party participants/Off-site Services $250.00

Arranging for ceremony with Clergy/Celebrants; cemetery; obituary for newspaper notices; Military honors, and any other details associated with funeral and memorial services. 

Embalming $670.00

Embalming is necessary only under those circumstances required by Florida Law such as arrangements involving viewing or transportation via common carrier. Embalming is not always necessary. 

Other Preparations of the Deceased

Preparation and dressing of the unembalmed body $150.00
Preparation and dressing of the unembalmed body with use of the room for Cot Viewing.(15 Min.) $250.00
Climate controlled refrigeration of the unembalmed body (After 7 days when delay is caused by family or family representative) $75.00 per day 

Use of Facilities and additional services 

Use of the Funeral/Memorial Chapel (up to 2 hours/limited to 30 individuals by fire code) $525.00 

(The use of the chapel is for 2 hours per day and can be used for a viewing/funeral service/memorial service/gathering/reception and a combination of any mentioned. Additional charges for each day or 2 hour period will apply) 

Use of the Funeral /Memorial Chapel beyond initial 2 hours per day $100.00 per hour 
Off site services (up to 3 hours)  $250.00 

(Off site services include, but are not limited to, the Funeral Director and Staff at a Graveside Services/Church Services/Memorial Services, or at any other location.) 

Cremation Fee and Additional Services

Standard Cremation charge $300.00

(Additional charges may apply if body weight is greater than 300 pounds.) 

Packaging, Shipping, and Delivering Cremated Remains to US Postal Services $100.00 
Special delivery of cremated remains to any local destination (within 25 mile radius) $45.00 
Unattended scattering of the cremains in the Gulf of Mexico $190.00

Attended Scattering of the cremains in the Gulf of Mexico….. Current price of the licensed charter boat at the time of the services requested. 

Automotive Equipment

Transfer of the body to the funeral home/Crematory $425.00
Hearse $475.00 
Limousine Current Price 
Casketed remains transport to/from Tampa Airport $175.00 
Additional transportation fee add $3.50 per mile beyond the initial 25 mile radius 

Casket Prices: The use of caskets for burial began hundreds of years ago as a means to safely transport and care for the deceased family member. Things have not changed throughout the years and today, as before, the traditional purpose of a casket is to provide a primary focal point during the service while also providing a degree of protection for the deceased person. Caskets are primarily made of wood and/or metal, each having its own distinct characteristics. A full casket selection and price list will be given to our families at the arrangement conference.

See our selection of Caskets in our online Casket Selection Room, and listing of current Burial Vaults.