Burial Packages

Call (727) 223-4965 today and ask about Prearranging the Burial Package you wish and also about prefunding the arrangements to lock in today's prices.

 One day Visitation/Gathering followed by a Chapel Service with Graveside Committal Services

starting at $5870.00

 Cemetery Graveside Services only. Closed Casket/No Embalming

starting at $4445.00

(Note: Visitation or Gathering for Chapel or Church services the following day would be limited to two hours; Visitation or Gathering for Chapel or Church services the same day would be limited to one hour) Additional charges would apply for funeral merchandise (casket, burial vault, etc., and cash advanced items such as newspaper notices, certified copies of the death certificate, etc..). Another burial charge incurred will be the opening and closing of the grave at the cemetery. These charges are typically paid directly to the cemetery and most cemeteries require this payment 24 hours prior to the service time.  All charges and fees will be itemized and given to the family during the arrangement conference.  It is our policy that no client family will ever be charged for an item they do not need, or do not use.