Cremation Packages

Christian Liturgical Cremation Service....................................$2425.00
In the Order of Christian Funerals' Appendix on Cremation states the Church clearly prefers and urges that the body of the deceased be present for the funeral rites, since the presence of the human body better expresses the values which the Church affirms in those rites" (no. 413).
At Grasso Funeral Memorial and Cremation our answer to the statement above from the Order of the Christian Funerals is the Christian Liturgical Cremation service arrangement where the body is brought into the church and processed to the altar for mass and final blessings in the beautiful Poplar Wood Ceremonial Casket. The casket is closed and covered with the pall used in the Catholic Ritual.  There is no embalming nor is there visitation.  After the mass, the casket is taken from the church and the cremation takes place sometime after the mass.      

Special Church Service Packages:   Cremation takes place and the urn is brought to the church for the Catholic Mass.  The urn is processed to the Altar  in the normal tradition and exited after the mass...............$1845.00

Catholic Church Service and Visitation for Cremation.  Use of the beautiful Poplar Wood Ceremonial Casket which is open for visitation one hour prior to the mass in church.  The body is embalmed for the visitation.  After the visitation the casket is closed and covered with the pall used in the Catholic Ritual, and then processed to the Altar for Mass and final blessings.  After the Mass the casket is taken from the church and cremation takes place sometime after the mass.   (Subject to permission for allowance of visitation in the church by the parish priest)...............................................$3845.00                                                                       

Cash advances and other charges may apply.  An FULL itemized statement of charges is given to the family during the arrangement conference and our client-families are never charged for items they do not use, or need.     You do have another option.. If you are still not sure, or bothered by cremation, please read what the Catholic Church says about Green Burials.