You're Not Alone... You are Catholic..        

You want cremation..  but you are confronted with a dilemma of, "I want to have a Catholic Mass but I just can't afford the price of a full traditional service."  So what many people will do is take an option of having a simple cremation and then take the urn into the church at a later date; and that works, but there is always something missing inside when you don't take the body into the church for a final blessing.  As a Catholic Funeral Director, I  have witnessed this many times over the past few years and have tried to learn new ways of meeting the needs of the Catholic faith, and at the same time not cause financial hardship on the Catholic families we serve.  To this end we have developed pricing packages while meeting both needs.
At Grasso Funeral, Memorial, and Cremation we developed several Special Church Service Packages which places Faith ahead of Costs:  

Cremation packages                             Burial Packages