Casket Selection Room

Many years ago with the development of funeral homes in the communities it was necessary to provide a vessel to hold the body until it was time to go to the cemetery for services and burial.  In the old movies of the Wild-Wild West, it was the carpenter/undertaker whose responsibility it became to make the caskets and provide the service; there was, "one size fits all."  Meanwhile, in Europe the more traditional vessels called, "coffins" with there unique shape and style became vogue.  Those styles migrated to the United States and our local cabinetmakers/undertakes began to build caskets out of different types of wood materials, and because of their craftsmen abilities, the caskets became more ornate.
As far back as I can remember every funeral home had a separate room which housed the various styles of caskets, mostly wood.  Metal became a very popular material, and easier to build with the advent of the metal production line.  The public began demanding more ornate and more classic styles to suite the lifestyle of the family member.  No longer was the typical "Pine Box" good enough.  Before long, and even today, we had casket being made of Bronze and Copper, Mahogany and Walnut, just to name a few.  The metal caskets began having a rubber gasket around the lid which would seal the the top and bottom.  Today, we are not allowed to make such claims, but I believe everyone knows what the function of a gasket is... we have them on our refrigerators, car windows, engine blocks and so on.  You would not find gaskets on wooden caskets as it is not possible to seal wood.  We, in the funeral industry, leave it up to the consumer to decide what they wish to use.
The, Casket or Coffin, in today's world is still used as a vessel to hold the body for burial or cremation.  How do people select caskets??  I can only say, from experience, that there is no one single factor.  The materials of both the interior and exterior, whether is has the gasket or not; alot of people just pick one because of the color.  Regardless, it is a decision which should be made as a consensus of the family members together with NO outside influence.  It is one of those decisions which are personal and private, and can only be made once.  
We invite families to wonder through our online casket selection room.  All of the materials currently available are being represented.  I don't need to explain the value of Bronze, Copper, or even Stainless Steel.  The regular steel caskets come in an 18 and 20 gauge.. the larger the number, the thinner the metal.  As you go through you will see that the some of the 20 gauge caskets and all of the wooden caskets come without the gasket.  Again, we make no statement or make any claim as to which caskets are better or right for our families.  That is, and should always be, a personal choice.